Tuesday, May 5, 2015

New Year End Awards for 2015!

Two New Year End Awards to be presented for the 2015 Show Season

For two of the ODPOAC's long time families, 2014 was a rough year - The Schwink-Rigg Family lost The Famous Harry Spotter, Travis's youth pony, and the Willow Bridge Farm Family lost Ima Tommy Kid, Chelsea's youth pony. The loss of these ponies has been deeply felt by their POA family, and it is the club's wish to honor them. An award will be presented in memory of each pony at the 2015 Award Ceremony. The awards are as follows:

IMA TOMMY KID High Point Pleasure Award:

            This award will be presented to the rider/pony combination who achieves the Overall High Point in Pleasure classes. All ODPOAC English Pleasure, Western Pleasure, Senior Pleasure, and Junior Pleasure class results in the 2015 show season will apply. Tommy's person, Chelsea Rasnic, gave the following statement about what made Tommy such a special pony:
“Ima Tommy Kid”, aka Tommy, was a one of a kind pony. Tommy taught me so much more than how to ride. He taught me the true meaning of perseverance, dedication, hard work, and loyalty. My journey with Tommy did not begin or end as expected. When we first bought Tommy, he bucked me off in the first year of showing him more than I had ever been bucked off in my life, which was already a lot since I had been riding many years.  I was 10 years old at the time and so completely defeated that my family and I decided to lease him out until I got my courage back. Nevertheless, Tommy ended up doing the same things to all of his other riders, which is why he got the name “The Atomic Kid Killer” and was sent back to me. I was 2 years older and determined to learn how to ride him. I spent many hours at the barn and shows preparing for our first nationals together in 2007. Our first time at the International POAC together, Tommy and I won the Senior Western Pleasure class out of 215 people. I was so happy because all my hard work and perseverance had paid off. Ironically though, Tommy threw me the next day in Senior Hunter Under Saddle in the last round. I began to find humor in Tommy’s stunts, and I believe he did as well. We quickly bonded and became the best of friends. We went on to win many Local, State, Regional, and National titles in showmanship, western pleasure, and horsemanship. We also won the 4-H VA State Highpoint Western rider award 4 years in a row. Despite all of the times Tommy threw me, I never had a bond with any other pony like I did him. Once I went to college and Tommy got older, our show days were over but our friendship wasn’t. My favorite past time on breaks was always to come home and hop on Tommy bareback or just spend time loving on him. He was the best pony to cuddle on, and the second he heard me in the barn, he would always start to nicker. Tommy and I went through a lot together, and he was a loyal friend to the end. He has been and always will be greatly missed by me, the family, and all the animals on Willow Bridge Farms." - Chelsea Rasnic

          This award will be presented to the rider/pony combination who achieves the Overall High Point in Non-Rail Classes. All ODPOAC Jumping, Driving, Reining, Western Riding, and Trail class results in the 2015 show season will apply. Harry Spotter's person, Travis Rigg, gave the following statement about what made Harry Spotter such a special pony:
          "Harry Spotter was a special horse. You could say that with any connotation of the word and likely be correct. He had a ton of personality, and that was what made him such a dream to work with. You did have to be prepared to deal with that personality though; for example, if you were jumping over fences with him for the first time he would celebrate after the first fence by doing some bucking and rearing. When I left for college I felt extremely guilty because he didn’t have anything to do while I was gone, so we sent him off to be leased in Kansas. I have to say that working with the young girls out there, and going over fences with them was probably the happiest he ever was. That’s really what made Harry Spotter special. He didn’t just like doing things, he liked doing them with people he liked." - Travis Rigg

For more information about these awards, please contact our Points Secretary, Casey Knott at knott13@sbc.edu. 

Monday, March 2, 2015

2015 Forms Uploaded!

A show information packet, blank entry form, and class lists have been added to our FORMS page!

Monday, February 16, 2015

2015 Events Added to our EVENTS page!

Please check out our EVENTS page for our planned 2015 events....so, clean the winter mud and muck off your four legged friends and we'll see you there!

Sunday, January 11, 2015

ODPOAC Member Marybeth Robertson Completes Outstanding Youth Show Career

A note from long time ODPOAC member, Marybeth Robertson on the successful culmination of a youth career on and off the POA circuit....

"A Lucky Impulse (Ducky) came into my life four years ago as a Sweet 16th Birthday gift. We have shown at the Va. State 4-H show from 2011-2014. Ducky and I have earned many titles: Hunter Trail, Hunter Showmanship, Western Trail, Western Showmanship, Working Western Horsemanship, WP Horsemanship, Western Pleasure all in my age division of 13-18. We also have gone to the WP classics in 2012-2014 and earned the Res. Champion several times. Ducky and I have earned titles in both Western and Hunter at the 4-H qualifying shows and have represented VA at the Southern Regionals in Tunica MS, West Monroe LA, and Raleigh NC.  We also show at the POAC congress and have done very well. I have since graduated from 4-H and POAC but A Lucky Impulse will still be showing with a new rider this year .....so keep your eyes opened for Ducky and Kason Toms in the 8-under classes. Ducky will still be showing and representing POAC in the 4- H world and POAC world for many more years."

~Marybeth Robertson

Congratulations from ODPOAC on an outstanding youth career and best of luck in your future endeavors!